Világkupa 2016

ITF Taekwon-Do World Cup 2016

Budapest, Hungary

As hosts of the ITF Taekwon-do World Cup in 2016, Hungary extends to teams from around the world a very warm welcome. The friendly people of its beautiful capital city, Budapest invite and challenge teams to participate on this great competition and to meet the Hungarian culture.

The Hungarian Taekwon-do Association has great experience organizing Taekwon-do events. Hungary has already organized worldwide ITF Taekwon-do events in 1984 (European Championship) and 1988 (World Championship). These successful events were organized by Master László Harmat VIII. dan with the participation of General Choi Hong Hi IX. dan. Following these traditions we strive to organize a high-quality, well-organized competition in 2016 set in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Each participating country will have a dedicated local guide, who will assist the team in Budapest from the moment they arrive at the airport until their departure. We will provide management with support, venues and accommodation throughout the competition.

The 2016 World Cup will be held at the modern Papp László Budapest Sport Arena that has been completely rebuilt in 2002. Located in the centre of Budapest it houses numerous world-class sporting events each year. The Arena lies conveniently close to several hotels that serve as accommodation for competitors, public transportation hubs and restaurants, cafes and shops. The Arena’s up-to-date technical equipment, projectors and sound systems ensure that participants don’t miss a single second of the competition.

Our media team follows the competition with professional photographers ensuring that all exciting moments are captured.

We will provide transfer between the hotels and the Arena for the competitors and officials, making daily travel more comfortable.

Our medals and trophies will be decorated with unique elements of the Hungarian culture making the event in Budapest memorable for the participants.

During and after the competition to aid preparation or regeneration we strive to make this World Cup unforgettable by offering colourful cultural programs and introducing the Hungarian cuisine to participants. We also encourage them to further explore the wonders of Hungary during or after the World Cup; for this we can provide unique offers in Budapest and other areas of the country.

Our Purpose

We would like to make the 2016 World Cup memorable for competitors, officials and spectators. Thorough preparation and the support of Hungarian organizations ensure the smooth running of the competition. We strive to make the stay in Budapest pleasant with a friendly welcome and a wide array of events in which hopefully everyone will find an opportunity to relax or have some fun. Our goal is to ensure that all competitors enjoy themselves during the World Cup and to satisfy their needs during the preparation for and the regeneration after the competition. We believe that the tough competition will bring to life new friendships and international relationships that will grow beyond the event but will hold dear memories of Hungary. We think it important to introduce the culture of our small, yet diverse country and also to introduce this wonderful sport to as many Hungarian and foreign people as possible.

We look forward to seeing you in Budapest in 2016!

Should you have any questions please contact Péter Szász V. dan (e-mail: